• The Fly Fishing is Spectacular
    The Fly Fishing is Spectacular
  • Adventure of a Lifetime
    Adventure of a Lifetime
  • Largest Wilderness Lower 48
    Largest Wilderness Lower 48

The Middle Fork is renowned for it's West Slope Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout fishing. Please bring rods in a hard case to prevent breakage while in the rafts. You will need to pick up an Idaho fishing license the evening before the trip in Stanley at Mcoys Tackle or the Mountain Village Mercantile . McCoys offers an excellent selection of flies and they put together a fly box made specifically for the Middle Fork. Fishing regulations are catch and release only with single barbless hooks.

Regular Season Fishing Boat Charter:  6 days/$2800 per person, 2 person minimum per charter.

Late Season Fishing Boat Charter:  5 days/$2500 per person, 2 person minimum per charter. 

Fly Sizes 6-14; Rod Wt. 4-5; Tippet Size; 3X

There is a Stone Fly hatch the first two weeks of July. Grasshoppers start coming out in early August. Generally, most attractor patterns work well throughout the summer. Here are some recommendations.

  • Caddis (brown & olive)
  • Golden Stone (orange)
  • Stimulator (orange & yellow)
  • Royal Wolfe
  • Humpies
  • Parachute Adams
  • Parachute Hopper
  • Madam X
  • Hoppers (yellow & green)
  • Chernobal Ant

Nymphs are not typically as productive as dry flies but a bead head pheasant tail or prince nymph can be tied onto a dry fly as a dropper and this combo works extremely well.

Although the Middle Fork is ideal for dry fly fishing, spin casting can be lots of fun. Typical trout lures work well such as; Mepps #2, Roostertails, @ Silver Spoons.

Weather conditions in the Middle Fork canyon can change rapidly. Being prepared will ensure your comfort no matter what the weather conditions (it has snowed on us in August!). We provide rain gear if you don't have your own and splash tops, but the proper layering of clothing under the rain gear is essential. Although cotton is great on a hot day, it is nonfunctional on a cold, wet day. When cotton clothing gets wet, it stays wet and will pull the warmth right out of you. Synthetic thermal long underwear and pile fleece garments are wonderful for the river - they wick moisture away from your skin, helping to keep you warm, even when wet, and the material dries very fast. We strongly recommend that you have at least one pair of mid-weight, synthetic, thermal underwear, top & bottoms, and either a wool sweater or pile fleece jacket for your trip. If you live in a warm climate and cannot find these items locally, you can go on-line to www.cascadeoutfitters.com and find clothing made for river adventures. For last minute items the Riverwear or River 1 stores located in Stanley have great selections and are well stocked for summer floaters. Visit them at www.riverwear.com or www.River1.com.  All are local Idaho shops, let's help support them.

Riverwear and River 1 in Stanley, Idaho can accommodate you with any necessary outdoor apparel the night before your river trip.

Our river menu is designed to include the highest quality foods. Top of the line meats, fruits, veggies, breads, and appetizers is standard fare. We truly strive to make the meals innovative and delicious. All recipes are freshly prepared on the river and our kitchen is literally a traveling bistro. The menu ranges from traditional western to European gourmet cuisine. Although we prepare for the hearty eater - because, hey, you're on vacation - there are always enough choices so that vegetarian and low-fat dieters can also enjoy satisfying and healthy meals. If you have specific dietary needs or food allergies, please be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can meet your needs.

  • Hearty gourmet meals
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables at every meal
  • Dutch oven Cooking at it's best
  • We cater to any dietary needs

A selection of upscale wines will be served with dinner and a light cocktail bar is provided for happy hour. Our bar consists of Bourbon, Gin, and Vodka with appropriate mixers. Please feel free to bring your favorite wine or liquor to enjoy during the trip. Pop, beer, and juice are also provided - we budget 2-to-3 cans of pop or beer per person each day. If you will be drinking more than this amount, please bring along more to suit your needs. All drinks can be purchased in Stanley before the trip.

  • Upscale Wines
  • Light Cocktail Bar
  • Beer, Pop, Lemonade

Certain water levels require us to fly to the Indian Creek Airstrip to launch. Indian Creek is inside of the wilderness area and has no road access. If we have to fly in to launch, there will be an additional charge of $150 per person for the flight. We attempt to launch from Boundary Creek whenever possible but we are a safe and prudent company that will choose to fly if the following conditions exist; water levels above 6.5 ft (high) and water levels below 2.2 ft (low) on the Middle Fork gauge. The link below will bring you to current flows.


Click Here for Current Water Levels